Castor Drilling Solution


Castor Drilling Solution AS (CDS) is a drilling equipment and offshore engineering company founded in 2011 by a team of technical experts with extensive experience from the offshore drilling systems industry.

Our objective is to provide high integrity drilling equipment to the offshore oil and gas market mainly focusing on niche and tailor-made products within Heave Compensation, Tensioning, Hoisting and Handling systems.

We also carry out engineering services such as; system modifications, product development, engineering studies, dynamic modeling, system simulations, riser analysis, failure-, damage analysis, material-, corrosion- and tribological evaluations.



Øyvind Vaagland Reiten -


Øyvind Vaagland Reiten (1965)

Phone: +47 95 80 36 11 

M.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering, NTNU - Hydro and Gas Dynamics

BI Business School Management courses


Øyvind has more than 19 years experience in the oil service and drilling equipment industry, excelled in several key senior engineer and global management positions.

Prior to starting CDS he was the General Manager at Vågland Ship Yard, designing and building vessels for the international fishing and seismic fleet.

He represents an unique resource with overall engineering excellence on Cylinder Hoisting, Motion Compensation and Riser Tensioning systems, also having business experience/education and a broad global network and exceptional management skills.




Christian B. von der Ohe -

CSO / Materials & Integrity

Christian B. von der Ohe (1969)

Phone: +47 91 72 94 26 

B.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering, Bergen School of Engineering

M.Sc. - Metallurgical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Ph.D. - Eng. Design and Materials, NTNU

Christian has more than 19 years experience, working for some of the major companies within the oil & gas and drilling equipment industry, holding various key senior advisor and technical management positions.

He provide an invaluable scientific expertise within Metallurgy, Tribology, Corrosion and Mechanical Integrity, recognized globally, combined with overall engineering excellence on Cylinder Hoisting, Motion Compensation, Riser Tensioning and Rotating equipment systems.

His international academic/research career has resulted in a large number of publications at international conferences and in scientific journals. His research and product development work has resulted in 4 approved patents (inventor of concepts involving active heave compensation, riser tensioner systems and multi-degradation test rig).




Tommy Skibelid -

Dynamic Simulations / Controls

Tommy Skibelid (1959)

Phone: +47 95 83 21 55

M.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering, NTNU

Tommy has more than 23 years of work experience, including 17 years in senior engineering positions, for some of the biggest companies in the oil & gas and oil service industry.

He is the most experienced member of CDS with extensive experience within many offshore projects, mainly responsible for multi-discipline simulations utilizing his highly qualified practical and theoretical knowledge.

His engineering excellence covers the range from subsea to top side systems. He has academic specialization within mathematical models for simulation of dynamics systems being very valuable for CDS products and services. This will give him an advantage as head of measurements and analysis.




Paal Taraldrud -

CDO / Eng. and Mechanical Design

Paal Anders Taraldrud (1972)

Phone: +47 47 47 38 68 

B.Sc. - Marine and Mechanical Engineering, University of Agder

M.Sc. - Offshore Construction Technology, University of Stavanger

Paal has more than 16 years experience in the drilling equipment industry, he has excelled in various senior design engineer and chief designer positions.

His unique capacity both as problem solver in the field and his pronounced talent as a creative mechanical engineer and 3D designer is widely recognized in the drilling equipment industry globally.

Paal has been involved in many successful product development projects involving a large range of drilling equipment/systems, Top Drives, drillstring compensators, pipehandling and drillfloor equipment. This product development work has resulted in several patents.




Runar Birkeland -

CMO / Mechanical Design

Runar Birkeland (1979)

Phone: +47 90 11 30 94 

B.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering, University of Agder 

M.Sc. - Industrial and Information Management, University of Agder

Runar has gained valuable experience working 10 years in the offshore drilling equipment industry.

He has worked as a project engineer with 3D design and serving as product responsible and being involved in successful product developments within motion compensation and pipehandling. He has high expertise on IT-software related to Autodesk Inventor and Autocad 3D design tools. Runar together with Paal are front runners in developing IT- systems for document and drawing control.

Runar has solid business and administrative skills to be utilized for project management and operations.